How did Babur die?

Answer – Babur’s eldest Son Humayun was sick. Everyone was sure that he was going to die any moment now. And then the doctors came up with the final solution of medieval medical science – Babur, the father, must offer his own life to God in exchange for his Son Humayun’s. And so Babur takes circle Humayun’s bed three times praying and offering his own life in exchange for his Son’s.

According to Babur’s daughter Gulbadan Begum, Babur died the same day, and Humayun got healthier.

Other historians, ridden less by emotions, Say Babur grew weaker over the following weeks until he finally died on December 26, 1530, and Humayun gradually got better. The four years before this, when Babur had defeated Ibrahim Lodhi in the Battle of Panipat, he had spared the life of Lodhi’s mother Dilawar Begum and allowed her to live in his royal women’s quarters.

But she poisoned him, and even though Babur did not immediately die from the poison. He drank opium to counter the poison still; over the following years. His tummy didn’t get better entirely until after four years of persistent intestinal troubles, he got weaker and weaker and died.

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