English Typing Book PDF Free Download

In today’s post, we are going to share English Typing Book PDF ( English Typing Practice Book PDF ) with you so that you can practice and learn typing easily, so if you were looking for Typing Practice Book PDF then this post is for you.

Typing cannot be learned in a day, it requires proper practice and guidance, only then you can master it and that is why today we are going to share this English Typing Book PDF Book with you.

English Typing Book PDF

In today’s time, typing has become very important, many exams are also on typing and it is not an easy task to learn and not only can it be learned in a day,

But today’s Typing Practice Book PDF can help you a lot in this and you can learn typing quickly by practising well.

Typing Practice Book PDF Download

You can download this book from the link given below and you can read it by opening it with the help of a PDF viewer on your computer or mobile phone.

Below we are sharing with you a 10-day English Typing Practice course by a YouTube creator Tech Avi so that you can easily learn typing through videos.

So watch the given video and click on the playlist for other videos and learn English typing quickly, this is a very great course and it will help you a lot in learning and typing better.

About English Typing Book PDF Download

Book Name: English Typewriting Practice Book PDF
Source: Google Drive
Publication: Sneh Publication
Total Pages: 43
Language: Hindi, and English
Format: PDF
File Size: 14 MB

Keys of English Typing Book PDF

  1. Space Bar
  2. Shift Keys (Left and Right)
  3. Shift Lock (Left and Right)
  4. Backspace Key
  5. Keyboard Margin Control (Left and Right)
  6. Tabulator Clear Key
  7. Tabulator Bar 
  8. Ribbon Reverse 
  9. Key Release Lever 
  10. Carriage Return and Line Space Lever
  11. Snap-off Top Plate
  12. Platen Knob
  13. Variable Line Spacer
  14. Line Space Regulator
  15. Carriage Release Lever (Right and Left)
  16. Ratchet Detent or Release Lever
  17. Removable Platen Brackets (Right and Left)
  18. Adjustable Paper Side Guide
  19. Paper Centring Scale
  20. Card Holder (Right and Left)
  21. Aligning Scale
  22. Type Guide 
  23. Paper Bail
  24. Paper Release Lever
  25. Paper Bail Release 
  26. Carriage Scale 
  27. Ribbon Indicator
  28. Personal Touch Regulator
  29. Tabulator Set Key
  30. Margin Release Key

English Typewriting Practice Book PDF Free Download

English Typing Book PDF Free Download
English Typing Book PDF Free Download

Download English Typing Book PDF

Typing Test Short Keyboard Key

  1. Key Board – This is that part of the machine in which all the letters of Hindi and English are given. Those who press type whatever they want.
  2. Key Setting – The order of the keyboard seems a bit awkward to see, but from a scientific point of view, its sequence has been determined according to the agility of the letters and fingers used in abundance.
  3. Type Key – In each typed key, two letters are made up and down. According to the need, use them in such a way that there is no discomfort.
  4. Space Bar – This is in the form of a long bar at the bottom of the keyboard. It is used by the thumb of the right hand to fill the space between two words while typing. This part of the machine is used the most.
  5. Shift Key – It is used to type the capital letters of English and half letters of Hindi. By holding down the shift key, type the letter above the type.
  6. BackSpace Key – While typing, some words are often missed or misspelt, to correct them, press this button and the carrier goes backwards. In this way, the errors can be rectified.
  7. Key Release Lever – Often the typebars get stuck together due to pressing two buttons simultaneously while typing. In that case, press this button to detach it.
  8. Carriage – This type resides in the upper part of the machine, many types of pages etc. are kept in it. Its main function is to move the paper up and down. Do this by pressing the paper.
  9. Carriage Release Lever – With its use, you can move the carriage here and there easily and quickly.
  10. Variable Line Spacer – It is used to leave space between two lines. It is on the left side of the roller (on which the paper is mounted) of the machine, which when pressed, it goes in place. It is mostly used to rectify mistakes.
  11. Paper Release Lever – It is used when the paper is not properly mounted on the machine. Pulling it forward loosens the roller and pushes the paper back into the correct position.

Final Words

As you read this English Typing Book PDF, I hope you must have liked this post and it must have been useful for you and you will soon learn typing.

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