Haryana GK Book PDF Download For Free

Haryana GK Book PDF Download For Free, If you are preparing for any competitive exams or civil services exams like UPSC, CAT, IPS, PCS, etc., from Haryana. Arihant Haryana Gk Book Pdf Download, Then you must know about all the General Knowledge of Haryana as it can be asked in your exams and interviews. So, you should be prepared for the questions asked about your state.

Haryana GK PDF Download contains the latest and the most accurate information about Haryana. It is a beneficial resource for any student preparing for competitive exams. You can download Haryana GK PDF from our website, which is an excellent place for preparing for civil service exams.

Haryana GK Book PDF Download For Free

Haryana GK PDF download is a great resource to learn about Haryana GK for exams. It provides updated information from the most reliable sources, which will help you to gain knowledge about the State of Haryana and its people. The data is in a readable format and can be read in a few hours.

Haryana GK Book PDF includes several topics that will help you with your exams, such as Geography, History, Culture, Economy, and Education. It is a great way to learn about the state of Haryana. The GK PDF download is helpful for the Haryana civil service exams. It has information on Haryana’s history, geography, infrastructure, economy, media and communication, sports, society, and culture.

In this Haryana GK PDF in Hindi, you will get to read all those GK Questions wIth Answers related to Haryana General Knowledge which will prove to be beneficial in your upcoming competitive exam. What type of questions are you getting to read in this Haryana GK PDF Book, we are presenting them in the form of some examples. If you read this book,  you will definitely solve 4 to 5 GK Questions because almost all the parts have been covered well in this Haryana GK Book.

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About Haryana GK PDF Download For Free

Haryana GK Book PDF Download For Free
Haryana GK Book PDF Download For Free
Book Name: Haryana GK PDF Download For Free Book
Author: Dainik Express
Publication: Dainik Express
Total Pages: 20 Pages
Language: Hindi
Format: PDF
File Size: 17.68 MB

Contents of Arihant Haryana Gk Book Pdf Download

  • Geography
  • History
  • Culture
  • Economy
  • And Education
  • Rise of Haryana State
  • historical scenario
  • National Movement (1886 – 1947)
  • Princely states captured by East India Company and their reasons
  • In view of Haryana in 1857 AD. revolution of
  • Leader of the revolution of 1857 AD in the state
  • Haryana State and Mahatma Gandhi
  • prominent freedom fighters of the state
  • Major newspapers and editors published before independence
  • Major war and battle sites of the state
  • Name of the districts of the state with reason
  • Ancient names and surnames of districts of the state
  • State’s ancient architectural ruins site
  • Visual culture sites
  • Major Archaeological Monuments and Museums of Haryana State
  • Famous Forts of Haryana State
  • Famous and prominent mounds of Haryana state
  • major historical records
  • Haryana: Important Events
  • Historical personality related to Haryana

Haryana Politics General Knowledge

  • Haryana State Council of Ministers
  • Place of Birth and Date of Birth of Chief Ministers of Haryana State
  • Chief Justice of High Court and his tenure
  • Villages selected by state MPs
  • Municipal Corporations/Panchayats of Haryana State Divisional System of Haryana State

Haryana Geography

  • Haryana State Geographical Structure
  • The natural division of Haryana state
  • Haryana State and its neighbouring states
  • The climate of Haryana State
  • Soils of Haryana State
  • Rivers of Haryana State Haryana State Canal/Irrigation Projects
  • Forest wealth of the state of Haryana
  • Famous Lakes of Haryana State Wildlife Conservation, Sanctuary and Breeding Center of Haryana State
  • Dates of district creation in the state

Economy of Haryana

  • Livestock of Haryana State
  • First district in the state of Haryana in crops, fruits, vegetables and flowers
  • Important facts related to agriculture in the state
  • Horticulture Agriculture of Haryana State
  • Energy Projects of Haryana State
  • Establishment of energy parks in the districts of the state
  • Major Mineral Resources in Haryana State
  • Major Industries – Businesses of Haryana State
  • Haryana State Tourist Places
  • Airports in Haryana State
  • Rail Routes in Haryana State
  • National Railways of the State of Haryana
  • Various state awards and honours
  • State Welfare Schemes

Art and culture of Haryana

  • Major ancient architecture of the state
  • State sculpture and painting
  • Music Art of Haryana State
  • Famous Fairs of Haryana State
  • Famous sages of Haryana
  • Major Mosques of Haryana State
  • Major shrines and dargahs of the state
  • Famous Temples of Haryana State
  • Major Gurdwaras of Haryana State
  • Haryana State Major Religious Places
  • Major Festivals of Haryana State
  • Dress of Haryana State
  • Major Ornaments of Haryana State Folk Dances of Haryana State
  • Folk Natya Songs of Haryana State
  • Language, Literature, Art of Haryana State
  • Famous litterateurs of Haryana
  • Hindi language writers
  • Sufi writer
  • Sanskrit litterateur
  • Jain litterateur
  • Hindi novelist and novelist
  • Academy Awards
  • Art
  • Major musical instruments prevalent in the state
  • idioms, folklore


  • Special and first in the state of Haryana
  • Haryana State Population
  • Sex Ratio in Haryana State
  • Major Universities of Haryana State
  • Memorable facts about education
  • Major Deemed and Private Universities of Haryana State
  • Technical, research and vocational education centres and institutes in Haryana state
  • Haryana State Institute of Education and Skill Development
  • Major Stadiums/Sports Complexes/Schools of Haryana State
  • Contribution of players of Haryana in Commonwealth and Asiad Games 2014
  • Players and Sports related to Haryana State
  • Player honoured with Bhim Award
  • Chakras and medals received by the brave soldiers of Haryana State
  • Names of brave soldiers who received Maha Vir Chakra
  • military gallantry award
  • State media and mass media
  • actors of Haryana in Bollywood
  • Vehicle RTO Code in Haryana State
  • Haryana: District wise information
  • Capital Chandigarh : At A Glance
  • Abbreviations related to land (semantics)
  • important facts
  • Various facts, objective questions – answers

Benefits Haryana GK PDF Download For Free

  • Haryana GK is a comprehensive book that can help you score high in the civil service exams. The book has been designed by experts and is updated regularly with the latest information.
  • Haryana GK PDF Download helps you know the state-specific history, geography, people, and economy.
  • This free download will provide you with important information about the government and things happening in Haryana.

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Download Haryana GK PDF For Free

Haryana GK Book PDF Download For Free
Haryana GK Book PDF Download For Free

Download Haryana GK PDF For Free

Final Words

For civil services exams, the aspirant must have a thorough knowledge of India’s states and union territories and their capitals. Haryana GK is a comprehensive book on the GK of Haryana, like history, government, economy, geography, and society. So, you must download this GK PDF.

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