IGNOU MPS Study Material In Hindi PDF

IGNOU MPS Study Material In Hindi PDF is helpful for students preparing for IGNOU MPS. The study material is available in both English and Hindi and can be downloaded from the official website. The study material consists of four books and covers all the topics required for the examination.

It contains all the necessary information and study material that students need to know for the exams. The PDF is available for free download on the internet and is a great resource for students.

IGNOU MPS Study Material In Hindi PDF

IGNOU is one of the leading distance-learning Universities in India. The University offers a number of courses which can be pursued by students from the comfort of their homes. One of the courses offered by IGNOU is the Master of Social Work (MSW).

IGNOU offers a range of Master of Arts (MA) programmes through its distance learning mode. One such programme is the Master of Arts in Political Science (MPS). The programme is designed to provide advanced training in political science to working professionals, who wish to pursue a career in this field.

The IGNOU MPS Study Material In Hindi PDF for this programme is now available in Hindi on our website. This will be of great help to students who are not comfortable with English. The study material is available in PDF format and can be downloaded for free.

IGNOU offers a wide range of study materials for its students. These study materials are available in both English and Hindi.

About IGNOU MPS Study Material In Hindi PDF

IGNOU MPS Study Material In Hindi PDF
IGNOU MPS Study Material In Hindi PDF
  • Book Name: IGNOU MPS Study Material
  • Author Name: Bhavya Kumar Sahni
  • Publisher: Shri Chakradhar Publication Private Limited
  • Genre: Political Science
  • Total Pages:400 pages
  • Language: Hindi
  • Format: PDF
  • File Size: 50 MB

IGNOU MPS Study Material In Hindi PDF Download

IGNOU MPS Study Material In Hindi PDF

List of IGNOU MPS Study Material In Hindi PDF

MPS-01 Political Theory

Block–01 Unit 1 to 14 Download
Block–02 Unit 15 to 29 Download

MPS-002 International Relations: Theory and Problems

Block–01 Unit 1 to 17 Download
Block–02 Unit 18 to 35 Download

MPS-03 India: Democracy and Development

Book-1 Unit-1 To Unit-18 Download
Book-2 Unit-19 to Unit-27 Download

MPS-04 Comparative Politics: Issues and Trends

Book-I Unit 1 to 15 Download
Book-II Unit 16 to 30 Download


MPSE-01  India and the World
MPSE-02  State and Society in Latin America
MPSE-03  Western Political Thought (Plato to Marx)
MPSE-04  Social and Political Thought in Modern India
MPSE-05  State and Society in Africa
MPSE-06  Peace and Conflict Studies
MPSE-07  Social Movements and Politics in India
MPSE-08  State Politics in India
MPSE-09  Canada: Politics and Society
MPSE-10  Dissertation
MPSE-11 The European Vision in World Affairs
MPSE-12  State and Society in Australia
MPSE-13 Australia’s Foreign Policy

MED-02 Sustainable Development: Issues and Challenges

Block-01 Introduction to Sustainable Development Download
Block-02 Developmental Issues Download
Block-03 Initiatives Towards Sustainable Development Download
Block-04 Strategy for Sustainable Development Download

MED-08 Globalisation, Environment and Development

Block-01 Global Concerns Download
Block-02 Global Responses Download
Block-03 Global Movements and Experiences Download
Block-04 Emerging Concerns Download

MGP-04 Gandhi’s Political Thought

Block-1 Gandhi on State and Nation Download
Block-2 Individuals and the State Download
Block-3 Political Ideologies Download
Block-4 Peace by Pacific Means Download


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Final Word

The study materials for the IGNOU MPS Study Material In Hindi PDF can be downloaded from our website. The PDF files can be easily opened and printed out for use. The study materials cover all the topics included in the course and are an excellent resource for students who wish to study at their own pace.

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