Vidyamandir Classes Study Material PDF Free Download

Vidyamandir Classes Study Material PDF Free Download, School students have to take notes on every lecture they hear. Good notes help you remember what the teacher said during the class, and will allow you to revise the information later on. Also, when writing a research paper or doing an essay or a report, you will need to use your notes for some additional information. The most important thing that you should know about taking notes is that it’s not about copying everything you hear from a lecturer or from someone else.

Vidyamandir’s study material book is best for Vidyamandir school students and for those who are preparing for board examinations. The Vidyamandir Classes Study Material PDF is not only good for the above exams but it covers a lot of ground for the other exams as well.

Vidyamandir Classes Study Material PDF

The Vidyamandir Classes Study Material PDF provides the student with a straight approach to solving the problems in an easy manner. The book contains all the topics that are required to crack any board exam.

In the absence of standard textbooks, many students are using a study book on their mobile phones to prepare for board exams. The study book contains around 2000 questions with detailed answers.

The question paper is prepared by experienced teachers who have been working in various schools of vidya mandir. The app has been designed in such a way that you can bookmark your favourite chapter and also mark questions for later revision. It contains lots of pictures for better understanding.

About Vidyamandir Classes Study Material PDF

Vidyamandir Classes
Vidyamandir Classes
  • Book Name: Vidyamandir Classes Study Material PDF Book
  • Genre: IIT JEE
  • Edition: Study Material
  • Total Pages: 1000+ pages
  • Language: English
  • Format: PDF
  • File Size: 50+ MB

Vidyamandir Classes Study Material PDF Free Download

Vidyamandir Classes Study Material PDF Free Download
Vidyamandir Classes Study Material PDF Free Download

Download Vidyamandir Classes Maths Modules PDF

Chapter Name PDF Link
Straight Lines Download
Conic Sections Download
Trigonometric Eqn and Inequlaites Download
Solutions of Triangle Download
Sequence and Series Download
Quadratic eqn and Identities Download
Permutations and combinations Download
Complex Numbers Download
Matrices and Determinants Download
Binomial Theorem Download
Inverse Trigonometry Download
Function Download
Differential Calculus Download
Indefinite Integration Download
The area under the curve Download

Download Vidyamandir Classes Physics Modules PDF

Chapter Name PDF Link
Kinematics Download
Motion in 2d Download
Work Energy and Power Download
Vector & Forces Download
Dynamics of Particle Download
Rotation Download
Liquids Download
Gases and Thermodynamics Download
Shm & Waves Download
Gravitation Download
Electrostatic Download
Current Electricity Download
Capacitors Download
Magnetic Effects of current Download
EMI Download
Alternating Current Download
Properties of Matter Download

Download Vidyamandir Classes Chemistry Modules PDF

Chapter PDF Link
Stochiometry Download
Redox Reaction Download
Atomic Structure Download
States of Matter Download
Thermochemistry Download
Electrochemistry 1 Download
Chemical Equilibrium Download
Chemical Kinetics Download
Ionic Equilibrium Download
Solutions Download
Surface Chemistry Download
Solid State Download
Chemical Thermodynamics 1 Download
Chemical Thermodynamics 2 Download
S Block Download
Periodicity Download
P Block 1 Download
P Block 2 Download
Metallurgy Download
D Block Download
Coordination Comp Download
Organic Concepts Download
GOC Download
Hydrocarbon Download
Alkyl Halide Download
Alcohol, Phenol and Ether Download

Final Words

At times it becomes necessary to prepare for your exams. The study material provided in the classroom is not sufficient to cover all the topics and hence students have to depend on outside sources.

The Vidyamandir Classes Study Material PDF will be very useful for students preparing for competitive exams. It includes a good amount of questions that are helpful to clear interviews as well.

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