How to become a master of Common Noun 2.0?

Common Noun

Today we are going to explain one of the essential parts of Noun – Common Noun. It is imperative to understand all types of nouns if you want to learn English. Common Noun is one of the essential parts of nouns. Common Nouns are used in almost all sentences in English. To make our English grammar accurate, it is necessary to learn the rules of a common noun. So let’s start.

Definition of a Common Noun

Common Nouns are naming words common to places, people, animals, things, etc. The common noun does not indicate any particular place, person, thing, or animal. They are generic names, and they are not capitalized unless they begin any sentence.

Example – Boy, teacher, student, pilot, school, ground, temple, doctor, engineer, dog, cat, cow, car, helicopter, plans, mountain, park, etc.

Common noun examples in a sentence

  • Boys are playing basketball in an indoor stadium.
  • They are feeding cows.
  • The car is parked on the left side of the road.
  • Birds live in the nest.
  • They are playing football in the stadium.
  • Dr. Gupta is one of the best cardiac surgeons in India.
  • I love to read storybooks in the library.
  • Ramesh is a carpenter.
  • They are going to study in school.
  • Rakesh is a businessman.
  • Joseph is our classmate.
  • They are going to the theatre to watch a movie.
  • He is a politician.
  • They are living in a house which is situated in America.
  • He is a very polite person.
  • Tom Robinson is my favorite film actor.
  • Michael Mike is my famous singer and dancer.
  • We are going to learn English.

Worksheet for Common noun

Identify the common nouns from the sentence that is given below:

  1. They are living in a hostel.
  2. Mahira is a fashion designer.
  3. What is the name of your school?
  4. In which city are you living?
  5. Ranjan is my best friend.
  6. Lionel Messi is my favorite footballer.
  7. We are living in the Asia continent.
  8. They are shooting photographs.
  9. We are living in the city of India.
  10. Why are you studying in a library?
  11. Mr. Charlie is an engineer at Google.
  12. Eminem is a rapper.
  13. They are playing badminton in the park.
  14. She is a perfect singer.
  15. He is a fashion designer.

Answers: 1) hostel , 2) fashion designer,3) school, 4) city, 5)best friend ,6) footballer, 7) continent, 8) photographs , 9) city ,10) library,11) engineer , 12) rapper , 13) park , 14) singer , 15) fashion designer.

Definition of a Proper Noun

A proper noun is a name of a specific place, things, people, and animal. Your name, friend’s name, father’s name, town name, and country name are particular naming words. These names are called proper nouns. Proper Nouns or certain naming words always begin with capital letters, no matter where they have fallen. For example, America, London, Asia, Justin, Brazilian, Portuguese, Russian, English, Urdu, Hindi, Hungarian, Ronaldo, Messi, Donald, Rakesh, Mukesh, Lamborghini car, Murphy, Lions club, etc.

Proper Noun example in sentence

  • Justin Timberlake is a famous musician.
  • Coca-Cola is a cold drinks company.
  • She studies at Gurukul International School.
  • Tonny is working in an IT company.
  • They are going to Fitness Gym.
  • Albert Einstein is a great scientist.
  • Walmart is one of the biggest companies in the world.
  • Elon Musk is one of the most extraordinary people in the world.
  • She is going to play in Ambani National Park.
  • She studies at Oxford University.
  • Tom is a software engineer at Microsoft.
  • He is going to Bhutan.
  • He can speak the Japanese Language.
  • Ram is my best friend.
  • She lives on Martin street.

Worksheet for Proper Noun

Identify the proper nouns from the sentence that is given below:

  1. She is going to visit the Mahatma Gandhi Museum.
  2. They are living in the city of America.
  3. Mr. Sharma is an excellent doctor.
  4. Robert Downey Jr. is my favorite film actor.
  5. He is a citizen of England.
  6. In which city of India are you living?
  7. Rihanna is Rimmy’s famous singer.
  8. Dwayne Johnson is one of the richest actors.
  9. Abraham Lincoln is my favorite President.
  10. He is a British citizen.
  11. She is an essential member of the Lions Club.
  12. Roger Federer is one of the most famous tennis players in the world.
  13. She is going to visit our Instagram Account.
  14. She is a permanent user of Instagram.
  15. They are purchasing a Bugatti car.
  16. Mahira Khan is one of the most famous pop singers in the world.
  17. Adolf Hitler is one the rudest dictators of History.
  18. They are watching animals on the Discovery Channel.
  19. Sahiba Akhtar is a news anchor.
  20. Burj Khalifa is located in the UAE.

Answers: 1) Mahatma Gandhi Museum, 2)America, 3) Mr. Sharma, 4) Robert Downey Jr, 5)England,6)India, 7)Rihanna, Rimmy’s, 8)Dwayne Johnson, 9)Abraham Lincoln, 10)British, 11)Lions Club, 12)Roger Federer, 13)Instagram Account, 14)Instagram, 15)Bugatti, 16)Mahira Khan, 17)Adolf Hitler, 18) Discovery Channel, 19)Sahiba Akhtar, 20)Burj Khalifa, UAE.

Common Noun Examples

Any name of a place, thing or people in generic form is called a common noun.


  • People: father, mother, daughter, son, uncle, aunty doctor, engineer, pilot, driver, carpenter, son in law, daughter in law, gangster, dealer, worker, labor, seller, buyer, etc.
  • Animals: parrot,fish,cat,dog, sparrow, dolphin,shark,whale,tiger, buffalo,horse, lions, elephant, gorilla, monkey, chimpanzee,wolf,bird, wolf,fox ,etc.
  • Things: table , chair , bed ,scooter ,car ,truck ,train ,plan,cooler,Air conditioner, generator,motor , building, tube,jug ,mug, bottle,pencil,van,radio,mick, colour,fans , crayons ,etc.
  • Places: hotel, garden, bridge, dam, river, ocean,school-college, restaurant, park, ground, field, university, hospital, Market, mall, store, house, stairs, balcony, apartment, etc.
  • Ideas and emotions: envy, love, feeling, respect, patriotism, hate, pride, ego, energy, weak, smart, idiot, intelligent, loser, winner, etc.

Some Important Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a common noun?

Common Nouns are naming words common to places, animals, people, things, etc. It continually defines the generic names of people and things.

What is a common noun with examples?

Common Nouns are known names of people, things, places, or animals.

For example- driver, carpenter, son, daughter, building, school, college, restaurant, envy, hate, love, gun, screw, pistol, wood, pencil, pen, van, etc.

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